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Diesel locomotives

En service

En service

Constructor :
Cockerill (Luik)
Year of construction:
Order of axles :
Co' Co'
Weight in service :
117 t.
Brake :
Oerlikon G-P.
Maximum speed :
120 km/h
Maximum power :
1450 Kw
Battery :
66 Volts
Axles :
6 (type CC)
Motor :
8 cylindres in line
Transmission :
Electr.- 6 direct current traction-motors
Gasoline tank :
4000 litres
Original circuit :
SNCB ( Belgian railways)
Handbrake :
One in each cabine
Axle bearing :
Other :
93 engines of the series 200 of the Belgian Railways, also numbered series 51, have been build. The engines were based on the series 59 (Type 201). They were build to tow heavy trains on tracks with less hill climb. Most of them ended their career in the port of Antwerp towing heavy cargo trains. They have been replaced in august 2003 by the new series 77. During their service life, they have even been used for towing the TEE (Trans Europe Express) between Brussels and Amsterdam. Some engines have been used to tow steam engines between Brussels North and Brussels Midi. Some of them are still in Belgium others are used in Italy. On the 5120 we find a dot before the serial number indicating that the steam heating system is out of service. So it was not allowed to transport people in winter times.

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In working order.