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Détails de l'événement

Cet événement s'est terminé le 27 September 2020

The trips will be carried out according to the timetable below. The diesel trip is likely to be replaced by a pulled train according to the number of passengers.

Health measures are guaranteed and a train occupancy plan ensures social distance of 1.5m between each passengers.

Reservations are required :

Chargement en cours…

vapeur vapeur autorail
Mariembourg 11h30 14h20 17h30
Nismes 11h39 14h29 17h37
Olloy 11h50 14h40 17h45
Vierves | | 17h52
Treignes 12h10 15h00 18h00
vapeur vapeur autorail
Treignes 13h00 16h20 18h20
Vierves | | 18h28
Olloy 13h20 16h40 18h35
Nismes 13h31 16h51 18h43
Mariembourg 13h40 17h00 18h50