Day of the modelism

Détails de l'événement

21 July 2019 : Day of the Modelism

Download the poster of the day of the modelism

On this special day, we offer 3 steam departures.
This trip of Mariembourg to Treignes is to combine with a visit of the museum and the modelism exchange.
This event is more a family thing because the modelism exposition attracts young and old on the edge of the various train networks, steamships, remote control cars, collectors items, books,…

Free places for sellers and exhibitors

Possibility to ride on the 5 inches and 7 ¼ inches circuit with your own machine ! Circuit 7 inches

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Detailed schedule :

vapeur vapeur vapeur
Mariembourg 11h10 14h20 17h00
Nismes 11h19 14h29 17h09
Olloy 11h30 14h40 17h20
Vierves 11h39 14h49 17h29
Treignes 11h50 15h00 17h40
vapeur vapeur vapeur
Treignes 13h00 15h50 18h10
Vierves 13h11 16h01 18h21
Olloy 13h20 16h10 18h30
Nismes 13h31 16h21 18h41
Mariembourg 13h40 16h30 18h50