Artisanal Market

Détails de l'événement

15 August: Artisanal Market

Poster Artisanal Market

During this special day, we offer 3 steam departures.
Discover, on the site of the Steam train museum in Treignes, a multitude of stands with food and artisanal products.

Free access to the artisanal market. (Travel by train and museum to pay)

An activity for all ages !

For the Craftsmen :

Book your free stand by e-mail :

Possibility to circulate on the 5 and 7 ¼ inch network with your own machine : Circuit 7 inches

vapeur vapeur autorail
Mariembourg 11h30 14h20 17h30
Nismes 11h39 14h29 17h37
Olloy 11h50 14h40 17h45
Vierves | | 17h52
Treignes 12h10 15h00 18h00
vapeur vapeur autorail
Treignes 13h00 16h20 18h20
Vierves | | 18h28
Olloy 13h20 16h40 18h35
Nismes 13h31 16h51 18h43
Mariembourg 13h40 17h00 18h50