Halloween + night train

Détails de l'événement

26 & 27 October : Halloween Train 

The Chemin de Fer à Vapeur des Trois Vallées(Steam Train of the three Valleys) takes you on an unforgettable journey on the occasion of Halloween.

Departure of Mariembourg at 14h20 & 19h00 ( night train: only saturday)

Imagine a steam train riding at nightfall in the wilderness… the whistle of the train screams in the night and suddenly, the creatures of hell are coming up and invade the train ! This is not a nightmare, this is … Halloween ! 

An event to discover for the whole family ! Costumes are allowed.

The train is accessible to people with reduced mobility . Only for the departure of 14h20 😉

Voyage round trip + Museum : 18 €/adult & 11 €/child (free under 6 years)

Sale of soup & hot-dogs at the Railwaymuseum.

Program :

From 11h30 : Welcome to the site of Mariembourg.  Enjoy the various activities : Grimages, games of small trains or wooden games, « souvenir photos » with the monsters, crafts, visit of the haunted wagon, snacks,…

At 14h20, departure of the steam train from Mariembourg. Distribution of sweets to the children.
15h00 : Arrival at Treignes, visit of the museum, crossing of the haunted tunnel, cafeteria and small catering on the site.
16h40 : Departure of Treignes
17h30 : Arrival at Mariembourg

On Saturday we leave for the night train with a similar program but the chills will be increased by the end of the day in the dark !
Welcome as soon as the steam train arrives at 17h30 with activities.
19h00 : Departure of the steam train
19h50 : Arrival at Treignes
21h00 : Departure of Treignes
21h50 : Arrival at Mariembourg

Attention : limited places !

Reservation strongly recommended via our online booking module! (Presales tab) :

vapeur vapeur
Mariembourg 14h20 19h00
Nismes 14h29
Olloy (A) 14h40 19h20
Olloy (D) 14h50 19h30
Vierves 14h59
Treignes 15h10 19h50
vapeur vapeur
Treignes 16h40 21h00
Vierves 16h51
Olloy (A) 17h00 21h20
Olloy (D) 17h10 21h30
Nismes 17h21
Mariembourg 17h30 21h50