In order to constantly improve the quality of our tourist attraction, the members of the CFV3V, all voluntary, are formed and brought to carry out a series of tasks related to the exploitation. The formation begins with work at the workshop of Treignes. The member is thus familiarized with the various aspects of the trains. The formation will be also focused on the aspects of safety, reception and technical skill. Specific sessions of formation are organized unless an individual training is not privileged. Thus, our members have the competences necessary in order to ensure you a pleasant voyage.

Which are these various "trades"?

Steam engine driver:

Steam engine driver is in fact the person who "controls" the steam engine. He ensures the good operating condition of the machine and ensures the operations of maintenance necessary. On the way, he must respect indication, make sure that the voyage proceeds in a save way. As soon as the convoy is on the way he is the "captain" of the ship.

Engine heater:

The heater of the steam engine occupies himself of fire (lighting and maintenance of fire) and of water. The conjunction of these two elements makes it possible to produce steam and pressure. It is thanks to the steam pressure that the mechanic will be able to make circulate the engine. In order to traverse the 8,70 miles of the line, the heater will consume approximately 250 kilos of coal. In a whole day, the coal consumption will be approximately a ton. We don’t have to say to you, that this trade is testing, more especially as it is not a question to throw coal anyhow in the hearth, it is appropriate harmoniously to distribute it on the grids in order to optimize combustion. With regard to water, the driver must take care that the water level in the boiler is always with the top of a minimum level, he brings water in the boiler thanks to injectors with a feed-water pump. A good quality of fire and a good water level makes it possible to produce steam in sufficient quantity for a good working engine.

“Manoeuvring helper” helps the driver and the mechanic in their work. Moreover, he is occupied with the indication with the not kept level crossings and of the fixing - unhooking of the coaches.

Driver of rail-car or diesel machine: The driver of a rail-car, a power trolley or diesel equipment fulfils a role similar to that of a steam engine driver. The difference lies of course in the mode of propulsion of the machine...

The guard and the guard chief: These people are aboard on various cars.

The guard chief is the person in charge on the train, it is him which makes sure that everyone is on board and who gives the starting signal to the mechanics and drivers. The guards are responsible for several coaches; they make sure that the voyage occurs without hitch, and important things like closing the doors. Guard and guard chief are also in charge of the control of the tickets.

Chief of movement: The chief of movement undoubtedly fills one of the most obscure functions of the exploitation. His task however, is very important. He will give the information to the train chief (guard chief) that the way is free. The chief of movement is also the person in charge of the organization of circulations (time, special trains...)