Easter Train

Détails de l'événement

Cet événement se déroule du 12 April 2020 jusqu'au 13 April 2020. Sa prochaine occurrence est le 12 April 2020

Discover our Easter Train !

The 12st and 13st of April, we invite you to celebrate Easter with your family on board of our steam train !

Hop aboard of the Easter train and let yourself be guided  to the eggs hunt. A game to share with your family !

Various animations, mascots, music, grimages and snacks,…

timetable for the day

autorail vapeur autorail
Mariembourg 11h30 14h20 17h30
Nismes 11h37 14h29 17h37
Olloy 11h45 14h40 17h45
Vierves 11h52 | 17h52
Treignes 12h00 15h00 18h00
autorail vapeur autorail
Treignes 13h10 16h20 18h10
Vierves 13h18 | 18h18
Olloy 13h25 16h40 18h25
Nismes 13h33 16h51 18h33
Mariembourg 13h40 17h00 18h40