History of the CFV3V

1973 … 2024 : The CFV3V has been offering steam train services for 51 years ! Once upon a time … … … … This is how the beautiful stories of our childhood begin. In 1973, a handfull of steam railway lovers made the crazy dream of reviving this means of transport disappeared from the every … Continuer la lecture de History of the CFV3V

History of the museum of Treignes

1994 – 2024 : The Treignes Railway Museum celebrates its 30th anniversary ! The Treignes railway museum was inaugurated in 1994. It took ten years for the idea launched by MP Roger Delizée and Roger Maegerman, president of the CFV3V at the time, to come to fruition. The first hall of the museum presents the … Continuer la lecture de History of the museum of Treignes

History Line 132

A brief look in history of the railways in the region. Already in 1816, before the independence of Belgium, just after the fall of Napoleon, there were for the first time ideas of making a railway. The idea developed by a certain Thomas Gray (who has given his name to the Gray street in Etterbeek) … Continuer la lecture de History Line 132