The museum of Treignes

The railwaymuseum has been founded in 1994.

Since the first idea of Roger Delizée et Roger Maegerman who then was president of CFV3V, it took 10 years to realise the project.

The museum presents all collections of the organisation on 4 rails of 105 meters long.

The collection showes different aspects of the railways. There are "model trains" Marklin that will inspire young and old. There is also an extraordinary steam engine.
You can also admire old lanterns, balances, old tools, posters who were used in ancient railway times.

A collection of helmets and caps who represent the importants of different railway associations all over the world. Also small railway models in different scales are present here.

But most important are the different locomotives (steam, diesel, electric en railcars). Old wagons mostly property of the association. Most of the material exposed is property of CFV3V members, as well as the Belgian Railways (SNCB) and other associations. Several locomotives do need little repair work to be taken again in service. Others will stay in the museum forever.