Who are the voluntary members of CFV3V ?

Treignes,2005 . . . A part of the team that has worked for the reactivation of the TKt48-87

Of course there are railwaymen, former steamtrain drivers retired today, or younger railroaders who have heard so much about steam that they want finally to know more about this way of mythical traction which was at the origin of the industrial revolution and the railways. But they are not the only ones, it is also a majority of members, railway enthusiasts, who want to spend a part of their leisure time in an actual operation. Without them all, nothing would be possible. Outside the CFV3V, these members are students, teachers, engineers, fitters, turners, designers, employees, police, mechanics, dental, pharmacists, musicians, bus drivers and even priests and notaries! Let's not forget their wives who know how to get useful.


Festival 2013

Festival 2013

These are  all employees with their talents and their aspirations, because at the CFV3V everything must be done : mechanics and drivers of steam locomotives, railcars, shunting diesel locomotives and diesel locomotives on the lines, maneuvers (to link the cars and carriages, to protect the railway crossings), guards and chiefs of the station, mechanics for the revision and maintenance of the steam engines or diesel trains, carpenters, electricians, painters, body-builders, installers of track, piocheurs, pruners, bartenders and barwomen for the operation of the snack bar, souvenir seller and we forget certainly....


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During the two years that followed the publication in the Moniteur Belge of the deed of incorporation of the association (December 20, 1973), the members of the association have worked on obscure works (for the public) but needed for the operation, as the deforestation of the line invaded by vegetation, removal of railway switches and rails and their reassembly in Mariembourg, research materials, contacts and negotiations with the SNCB, the Tourism Federation of the province of Namur, the Commissioner-General for tourism and local administrations of the municipalities crossed by the line of the CFV3V.

It is May 14, 1975 that was signed an agreement between the SNCB and the CFV3V for a period of 15 years to the CFV3V, granting permission to operate for tourist purposes section Nismes - Treignes. An amendment to this agreement was signed early 1978 giving the CFV3V permission to operate the segment Mariembourg - Nismes (untapped par la SNCB since October 12, 1977).

The CFV3V then had to build a dock for boarding at Mariembourg, close to its depot.

As you read it over before, the CFV3V took the legal status of a VZW (non-profit association). This association is managed by a Board of directors consisting of about fifteen people. Under the authority of a president (Mr Didier Mosseray), administrators share common management tasks. Administrators are active members of the association.

Active members are all volunteers and devote many hours of leisure to the CFV3V.

Les jeunes au CFV3V ...

Tooling available at the workshop of Treignes to perform almost all the work on rolling stock in service or under restoration for the CFV3V...

Include :

-- A dozen of various machine tools (lathes, drill column bandsaw,...)
-- A reserve of organs well expanded
-- Heavy handling equipment:
     > A crane 20 ton
     > A game of lifting trestle (total load of 100 tons)
     > A game of 4 crutches (load total 80 tons)

... This material specialized being handled exclusively by qualified personnel, security forces!