The railwaymuseum

In Treignes, 100 meters from the station ...

Opening hours :

March - April - May - June - September - October - November :

From Tuesday to Friday : Open from 10 to 17 hours

Saturday & Sunday : Open from 10 to 18 hours

Closed every Monday, except public holidays.

July & August :

Every day : Open every day from 10 to 18 hours


A small guided visit:

The museum was founded in 1994. It is situated on the grounds of the old international railwaystation, almost in front of the passenger building. Perpetually, the collections of the museum evolve ...

The material, lent by the SNCB Holding is increasingly important. Currently, one can see inter alia :

- Steam engine 1.002

- Steam engine 16.042

- Diesel 608.05

- Electric engine 101.012

- Royal car n°4, known as "convey of Prinses"

- ...

Here one of these jewels ...


The rest of the collection shows you a great part of the CFV3V "museum" material. Sometimes the material is not present in the museum, while it is in service between Mariembourg and Treignes ...

The building exists from 3 parts :

1° : The exposition hall

The rolling railway material collection has been divided concerning 4 tracks of each 100 meters ... The collection exists of steam locomotives, diesel and electric engines, several cars and service material. The temporary and/or thematic expositions contain collections of objects and documents of the railwayhistory.

2° : The cafeteria , with a "reception"and "souvenirs" part.

3° : The repair workshop , with 2 tracks of each 45 meters. For obvious security reasons, access is not allowed for public. You can however visit the workshop by taking a walk over the footbridge which is intended for the visitors and see the work as a "supervisor".






Unless otherwise specified

It is forbidden to go on board of the material exposed ...