Workshop of Treignes - NEWS - April 2016  

The following vehicles are currently at disposal of the workshop :

Steam locomotives:

- NE 61 : General revision
- 158(Elna) : General revision

Diesels :

- 4407 : General revision of the diesel engine and the bodywork.
- "Brossel" 551.34 is almost done ! ...

Cars :

- The Car L 38010 is currently undergoing a refurbishment of its body.

  2 cars BRUHAT ex-SNCF 
After failing to find a buyer, these cars are being dismantled and will be scrapped ...
  Railcar WESTWAGGON 201-211 
Circulation dates in 2016 :
For this moment, there are no circulation days planned.
  Railcar 554.10 
The 12th December 2015, the railcar 554.10 (ex-4610) has returned to the depot of Mariembourg for further bodywork and paint work.

A great opportunity to see the "doublet" of the 554.11 and 554.10
  11 December 2015 : New material 
11 December 2015, the CFV3V has received on loan the North-Belgian car 32.303 ...

The transfer of the remise of Haine-Saint-Pierre to Mariembourg is done by road.
  Railcar 554.11 
On October 29, 2015, the Railcar 554.11 was returned into service after the repair of the hydraulic "Voith" box and the repair of the clutch. A long process that has well ended ...
  Locomotive 50 3696-7 back in service again 

The locomotive is again operational since 15 September 2012.

The next dates of scheduled traffic in 2015 are:
- Saturday 15 August
- Sunday 16 August
- Saturday 26 September
- Sunday 27 September
  11 juni 2015 : New material !
The CFV3V has seen the arrival of 2 carriages :
1° : the royal carriage n° 8
2° : the Dms 17412 carriage
  ES 301 ... It rides ! 
A surprise on the station of Treignes this saturday 8 March 2014.

The railcar ES 301 rides by his own means and is going to make a little ride to Vierves.
  Future members 
Are you interested in helping the Chemin de Fer à Vapeur des 3 Vallées as a volunteer ???

Then, go and see the heading "The members" and "Become a member" ...

Or come and visit the workshop in Treignes on saturday and speak with the actual members.

Welcome !
  Arrival of the railcar ES301 
Tuesday, July 30, 2013, the CFV3V collection is enriched with a piece which is 100% Belgian...

It comes to railcar "catenary" No. ES301 from the SNCB. Built in 1939, this railcar was part of the 551 type, often called "The little Brossel".
  Diesel FINA 1 
Since early April 2013, the diesel "Fina" 1, built in Britain by 'Hunslet', is again operational. The starting engine is very special because it works with compressed air.
  MF 33 ... En route to TRAINWORLD 
The MF 33 locomotive has been selected for inclusion in the playground of the national Belgium Railwaymuseum "TRAINWORLD".

Wednesday 13 March 2013, it has gone the way of the Monceau car workshop in order to undergo a cure of youth...

  Special train 
On Saturday 19 May 2012, an English travel agency " MERCIA CHARTERS" organized a voyage by steam train from Brussels to Mariembourg and Treignes ...

For a few moments, it looked like a feast day, when the 29.013 (SNCB-Holding) drove together with the steam engines 64.250 and TKT 48-87 towards Treignes ...
  The final retirement of the steam locomotive MF 83 
Everything is in the title ...

At the end of 2011, the persons in charge of the rolling park of the CFV3V decided to the final retirement of the steam engine MF 83 ...
Its tired mechanics was only a source of nuisances and this engine upset the active members ... Always problems, unceasingly!

A wise decision was made: GOOD RETIREMENT!
  Prerecording of the television series DE ELFENHEUVEL 
This Monday January 23 2012, at paddle, there was large upheaval around the station of Treignes, for the circumstance renamed in the station of " Rodegem" ...

With the complicity of the CFV3V, the realizer Douglas Boswell set up some scenes for these television series for the Dutch-speaking chain VRT.

The main actors were Kalina Malehounova and Niels Destadbader, two young actors with lots of talent ...