The CFV3V in the movies.

In 1895, while filming « The entrance of a train in the station of La Ciotat » (L’entrée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat), the brothers Lumière have been starting a long list of movies with railway scenes. Like « La bête humaine » , « La bataille du rail », « Le train », the railway has always been interesting for the movieindustry. That's why many moviemakers, actors,... have been visiting the sites of CFV3V to make commercials, movies, television shows,...

Below an overview of the most important prerecordings follows….


Les cerfs volants.(Kites)

1983. Television film in 4 parts. Treignes became "Grodek-sur-Baltique". A description of a marvellous and tragically Polish (little girl) - French (boy) love story of Emile Ajar what plays in the years 1938 up to 1944.

Scenario writer: Pierre Bladel.

Actors: Jacques Penot and Anne Gauthier. Coproduction of Antenne2, RAI, SSR, RTBF.



1993. A film concerning living abbot Adolf Daens, a Flemish catholic priest, who rose for the poor working class in the years 1880 in Aalst. The railway scenes were twisted in the station of Treignes, for the occasion to "Aalst - Alost" renamed. The Steamlocomotive SA01 and our wooden GCI-cars were in charge.

Scenario writer: Stijn Conink


Le brasier. (The blazing inferno)

1989.For this movie, the railway takes haven't been filmed on the site of CFV3V, but at the coalmine of Monceau Fontaine. The locomotives SACM NE-61 and AD-09 with GCI wagons have been rented by the moviecompagny for 15 days.

"Le Brasier" with Jean Marc Barre, december 1989


Le lac noir. (The black lake)

This was filmed at the station of Treignes, transformed as the station of "Calais". The locomotive AD-07 and GCI-cars where used.

lacn lacn1

lacn2 lacn3

"Les lacs froids de la mort"(the cold lakes of the death),

alfa film 16.04.1982


Le président et la garde barrière.
(the president and levelcrossing guard)

1994.Different takes have been made on different locations of the track Mariembourg – Treignes and Mariembourg – Chimay.

The Steam locomotives SA01 and Elna with K1 cars and several cargocars have been used in this movie.

Olloy became "Minière-Goudreville" and Treignes became "Blémont-la-Vignette".

Scenario writer : Jean-Dominique de la Rochefoucauld.

Actors : Jean-Pierre Cassel en Sophie de la rochefoucauld.



Les vacances de Maigret. (The holyday's of Maigret)

1994. Maigret film serial.The station of Olloy was used as background in this movie. Here you can admire the beautifull metal construction on the platform.

Scenario writer : Pierre Joassin.

Actor : Bruno Cremer.



L'inspecteur cadavre.( L' inspector corpse)

1995. Maigret film serial.

Scenario writer : Pierre Joassin for RTFB with actor : Ronny Coutteure.


Double sept.(Double seven)

This was filmed on the site of Mariembourg. It's a television game. The participant ditn't have the luck to find the "poker" and didn't win the journey.

The team of 'double seven' came back later to film an attack on a train which was loaded with port. This take was taken in Mariembourg and was supposed to be "Court Saint Etienne".


Une chinoise devant les fusils de la Gestapo.( A Chinese in front of the rifles of the Gestapo)

2001. Chinese TV-film of Central China TV. A tale based on reality. Scenario writer: M. van Buren.

Actor: Antoine Vandenberghe.

In association with a Belgian fraternity: Alligator films.


Les Thibault.

2002. TV-comedie. A tale of a family in France before 1914 to the book of Roger Martin du Gard. Olloy have been renamed to "Crouy-est".

Scenario writer: Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe.

Actors: Jean Yanne, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Julie Delarme and Malik Zidi. Coproduction RTBF, France2, French fraternity Septembre Production and a company of Brussels Saga film.


De keizer van de smaak/L'empereur du goût.(L' emperor of the taste)

2007. Tenfold TV-film. A family story around 3 generations women in the gin distillery of Hasselt in 1939 (Helena de Keyser). It is also the tale of a search to the truth and laterally to the ultimate taste of gin.

Scenario writers: Marc Didden and Caviar.

Actors: Marieke Dilles and Matthias Schoenaerts.


Mr. Nobody. 2010.

A film concerning the choices which are there in living and which will stipulate the course of living.

Scenario writer: Jaco van Dormael.

Actors: Diane Kruger, Sarah Polly, Jared Leto and Linh-dan Pham. With a projection on a big screen of this film in the area of the railway museum in Treignes. Organised by Jean-Marc Délizée in association with the railway museum, action Sud and Ciné Chaplin.


Ernst en Bobbie "Het geheim van Monta Rossa".(Ernst and Bobbie " The secret of Monta Rossa")

2010. For saving the existence of a burned down circus school Ernst and Bobbie have to trace a treasure by means of a search along the craziest spots. The tense and dangerous adventures reach a climax on the top of the Monta Rossa.

Scenario writer: Trend media Events BV

Actors: Erik van Trommel and Gert-jan van den Ende.


Walter Süskind.

2011. The tale plays in 1942, and concerns the friendship between the Jew Walter Süskind and the SS with the aim of saving children of the deportation.

The next material has participated…

- Steam engine 158

- Diesel engine BB 63149

- 4 GCI cars + goods car

- 1 L car

Scenario writers: Jeroen Koolbergen and Rudolf van den Berg.


De Elfenheuvel



Monday January 23 2012, at paddle, there was large upheaval around the station of Treignes, for the circumstance renamed in the station of " Rodegem" ...

With the complicity of the CFV3V, the realizer Douglas Boswell set up some scenes for these television series for the Dutch-speaking chain VRT.

The main actors were Kalina Malehounova and Niels Destadbader, two young actors with lots of talent ...


And, let's not forget:

"Le Pantalon";

"Le maître de musique";

A live newssession for the RTBF on the train Mariembourg – Chimay;

1999 " Jours de guerre" transmission in the framework of the Resistance during the WO II, RTFB;

"Le réveil" (court métrage);

Le Télévie;

"Mama Dracula";

Two takes of the group " Gangsters d’Amour"

(with railcar 4001 and a steamtrain);

Commercial for Godiva chocolates and Bush beer(one beer - one station)

(with machine SACM NE-61);

2002. Formation of VW: " The new Polo" Presentation by the importer D' ieteren and a reception for no less than 500 invited persons; "

Television prerecordings with minister Daerden who controls a steam engine in the presence of its father" ;

Etcetera .....


Press Reports.












Still. . . You want some more??? Then, look at the small film below…

The steam engine 808 (built in 1894) in operating condition, ensures a turning on the history of the late local line Groenendael - Overijse and the goods traffic related to the culture of the grape…

>> Vapeur 808 <<