Engin heater

The engin heater of a steam locomotive is the one who takes care of the « heating ». He takes care of the fire (ignition and maintenance of the fire) and the water.
The conjunction of these two elements makes it possible to produce steam and pressure. It is thanks to the pressure of the steam that the engineer can circulate the locomotive. In order to cover the 14 kilometers of the line, the driver will consume about 250 kilos of coal. For a simple round trip on the day, to the consumption of coal in line, it will be necessary to add what is consumed when stopping and heating. Approximately one tonne of coal will be burnt for a simple daily journey! As much to say that this craft is trying, especially since it is not a question of throwing the coal anyhow in the fireplace, it should be distributed harmoniously on the grids to optimize the combustion. As for water, the driver must ensure that the water level in the boiler is always above a minimum threshold, he brings the water into the boiler through injectors or a food pump . A good quality of fire and a good level of water makes it possible to produce steam in sufficient quantity to keep the locomotive running smoothly.