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Who are these volunteer members of the CFV3V?

Of course there are railwaymen, former steam train drivers retired today or younger railroaders having heard so much about steam that they finally want to know more about this legendary traction mode which was the origin of the industrial revolution and the railways. But they are not the only ones, there is also a majority of members, railway enthusiasts, who want to spend some of their leisure time in a real operation. Without all of them, nothing would be possible. Outside the CFV3V, these members are students, teachers, engineers, fitters, turners, designers, employees, officers, mechanics, dental technicians, pharmacists, musicians, bus drivers and even priests and notaries! Do not forget that there are also wives who know how to make themselves useful.

All are employed according to their talents and aspirations, because the CFV3V must do everything. Discover below all facets of CFV3V volunteer activities.

Do you want to join us ? Nothing easier. You print your membership form and you send it completed to us. Also print the internal regulations that you keep carefully.

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Every Saturday, the volunteer members maintain and restore the rolling stock of the CFV3V. The tools available to the workshop of Treignes  can perform almost all the work on the rolling stock in service or being restored for the Steam Train of the Three Valleys … Include: • A dozen of various machine tools (lathes, column drill , … Continuer la lecture de Workshop

Steam engineer

The steam engineer is actually the person who « pilotes » a steam locomotive. He ensures that the machine is in good working order, lubricated and ensures the necessary maintenance. On the way, he must respect the signalisations, to make sure that the journey takes place safely. As soon as the convoy is on its way, it … Continuer la lecture de Steam engineer

Engin heater

The engin heater of a steam locomotive is the one who takes care of the « heating ». He takes care of the fire (ignition and maintenance of the fire) and the water. The conjunction of these two elements makes it possible to produce steam and pressure. It is thanks to the pressure of the steam that … Continuer la lecture de Engin heater

Escort and maneuver officer

On board of the machine, the present maneuver helps the driver and the mechanic in their work. In addition, on all the convoys, he handles the signaling at the unguarded level crossings and the hooking – unhooking of the wagons.  

Diesel driver

The driver of a railcar, a locomotive engine or a diesel engine performs a role similar to that of a steam engineer. The difference lies of course in the mode of propulsion of the machine …    

Guard and Chief of the train

These people are aboard of the different cars. The chief guard is the responsable person of the train, it is he who makes sure that everyone is on board and he gives the signal to the mechanics and drivers. The guards are responsible for one or several cars, making sure the trip goes without a hitc, … Continuer la lecture de Guard and Chief of the train

Agent of motion

Movement agents are responsible for coordinating the movements of trains. On a single-track line, this function is essential for the safety of all. It is he who will give to the chief train (chief guard) the information that the track is free. The leader of the movement probably fulfills one of the most obscure functions … Continuer la lecture de Agent of motion

Track maintenance

No track, no train. The maintenance of the track and its surroundings is also part of the life of the members of the railway association. Even if the major works are subcontracted to specialized companies, there are multiple tasks carried out by the members of the association, among them : pruning switch maintenance platform maintenance … Continuer la lecture de Track maintenance


The CFV3V took the legal status of a asbl (nonprofit organization). The management of this association is entrusted to a board of directors composed of fifteen people. Under the authority of a President (Mr. Didier Mosseray), administrators share the common management tasks. The directors are active members.

Receive visitors

Welcoming visitors on our sites of Mariembourg and Treignes is also a possible job for our members. Service cafeteria, in our restaurant cars or guided tours of the museum are part of everydays work of the association.


The sponsoring members support the association financially and are kept informed of the railway activities